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The Boat With Me app connects boat owners looking to offset costs with adventure seekers ready to get on the water and live the boat life

on your terms

new friends

passion into profit

Don’t spend another perfect day on dry land.

I’m a boat owner

With the Boat With Me app, you can:

Complete the quick and easy setup, invite people based on your location and preferences, match with nearby riders in minutes, and enjoy a day on the water while making money to offset the cost of owning a boat.

"Great app and so simple! Easiest way to make extra cash off my boat by far. Just set your preferences and begin accepting riders, once the fun is over money is in the bank!”

Owner Kiko, Apple User

I’m a Water Adventure Seeker (rider)

With the Boat With Me app, you can:

Complete the quick and easy setup, request a ride based on your location and preferences, match with a nearby owner in minutes, and you’re out on the water.

"I was blown away by how fast and easy it was to find an owner and get out on the water with my friends! We all had a blast. You can bet I'll be using Boat With Me again soon.”

Rider Hannah, Apple User

We understand how it feels to be stuck on shore on a bright sunny day,

dreaming about being out on the water with friends, and not having an easy way to make it happen.

A boat owner for nearly 20 years, Kyle experienced the boat life first hand and searched for a way to make it accessible to everyone who wanted in. When he couldn’t find one, he and his friend Ryan created Boat With Me—the world’s first rideshare platform for boat owners and riders—to provide an easy way for people to get out on the water. Now, they’re making it available to you in an easy-to-use app.

With Boat With Me, you can boat on your terms, experience the boat life, and become the ultimate hookup for a great day on the water.

Getting Started is Easy

Download the App

Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and create an account with your payment information.

Get on the Water

Boat based on your preferences, whether looking to socialize with friends or a mission to broaden your network all together, BWM brings owners and riders together who share a passion for water!

Live the Boat Life

Now that you know getting on the water is quick and easy! Riders can have immediate access to their best boat life while owner’s turn passion to profit!

Hop on Board: Become an Investor

Learn more about the Boat With Me offering, and download our investor deck.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get set up to request a ride?

The Boat With Me app makes it simple to request a ride from our captains. Just put in your preferences, which takes less than 5 minutes, and request a ride.

How do I register to be a ride provider?

If you have a boat and would like to start offering rides on Boat With Me, simply download the app and submit your application through the app to get started.

How much do rides cost?

Rides range in cost based on the type of boat you’re wanting to go out on, the duration, and the number of riders. Prices range from $15 to $50/hour per person.

Are rides kid or pet friendly?

Captains set their preferences on whether their boats are kid friendly or pet friendly. Some captains will gladly take kids or pets!